Thursday, June 24, 2010


In an effort to actually try to be dedicated to blogging, I am going to be posting new posts only on my photography blog. I figured... if it was too personal to post it on the photography blog then I probably shouldn't be posting it on the web at all! If you follow me here, please please follow me there! I promise I am going to make a huge effort to be a better blogger! Click here to check out the other blog! Thanks for reading!!

~Love, CJ

Friday, April 23, 2010

Unexpected Conviction

He doesn't see their ethnicity, their political views, their past, their social ranking, or their income. He only sees them as people, as friends. As Jonah and I were on our way home from our date tonight I was forced to see a hard reality, I am judgmental....more judgmental than I would like to admit. So much so that my heart started filling up and tears started spilling from my eyes. After seeing him waving and saying "Hey" (as loud as possible) to everyone in sight no matter who they were, I realized that he only sees them as people. He loves everyone the same. Just like Jesus does. He would be waving his little hand so hard at someone that on the outside looked like someone that wasn't interested in seeing a little toddler annoyingly trying to get their attention while they shopped, but as soon as I would think something negative, they would openly accept his greeting and speak back to him. Why don't we do that more often, as adults? Do you stray away from people that look like they may not be "good" in your eyes? I know I am going to try SO HARD from now on to see people the way Jesus does, the same way Jonah does. We are all God's children, we are all loved by our Heavenly Father and we all deserve the chance to love and to be loved. I am so grateful that God placed the most amazing teacher in my life. It's so incredibly humbling to me to think about all of the valuable lessons I've learned from my sweet, sweet boy. Thank you Father for all of your blessings!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Peter Pan

Palm Sunday

We went to church this morning for the first time in a long time. Between traveling and illnesses in the family, it literally has been weeks since we've been. We've been visiting Mecklenburg Community Church for a while now and the service this morning was so powerful! When we entered we were given a palm leaf. At the end of the service we were asked to bring our leaf to the stage and lay it at the foot of the cross if we were ready to lay down our branch and allow the whole Jesus to come into our lives and not just half of Him. The whole Jesus includes the Jesus who wants to lead you, not just the warm and fuzzy forgiving Jesus that most of us know. I don't think a single person stayed in their seat, and it was such an awesome thing to witness seeing everyone waiting in line to leave their leaf, along with their lives, at the cross. Isaac and I have had many conversations lately about how we desire a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ. How we want to be better Christians, and better in general. This morning was our beginning, the beginning of a new journey. We're tired of being luke warm for Jesus, we're ready to be on fire for Him again and shake things up a bit! We want to serve Him by serving others and being more like Him each day. Are you ready to lay your life down and truly allow Jesus to move in and "clean house" in your heart?

Here's a little history on what today means:

Palm Sunday is the Christian holy day that always falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. It is also the beginning of the Holy Week. Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' triumphant entry to Jerusalem in the days leading up to his Passion. According to Wikipedia, the Passion are the events and the suffering that took place in the hours leading up to Jesus' trial and crucifixion.

The Palm Sunday story goes that Jesus was visiting friends and family in Bethany and Bethphage and He asked two of His disciples to go to the next village and bring back a donkey that was tied up to a post, but had not been ridden. He told the two men that, if someone should ask them, they should say that the Lord needs the donkey but that it will be returned to them. It is said that the disciples put their cloaks on the donkey's back to make it more comfortable for Jesus.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on the donkey, the people laid cloaks and palm leaves before Him. They believed he was the earthly, Anointed king and that He would take up His throne in Jerusalem. They sang to Him, "Hosanna," which means "Save us."

For more information on being a Christian, email me or click here! It's easy! Jesus loves you and he died on the cross for all of us so that we may have eternal life in Heaven with Him. Happy Palm Sunday everyone!!!

<3~ CJ

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a day shy...

of turning 19 Months! We had a mini session with Jonah yesterday morning so that Mommy could get a little camera practice and play with my most favorite subject! Jonah is so much fun and continues to crack us up, amaze us, and warm our hearts all at the same time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

in sickness and in health....

can i just be really honest for a minute? this past weekend sucked! like really bad. it all started when jonah got sent home friday afternoon with a stomach virus. he had vomited twice at daycare, but seemed to be feeling fine.... until we pulled into our neighborhood and he threw up on himself and in his carseat. it was lovely. he threw up 3 more times that afternoon/evening, none on saturday, then once on sunday. on me. after i let him have some milk. i do not do well with vomiting, it's a terrible downfall when you're a mother. the spit up when he was on formula was bad, but it was bearable and i never really minded cleaning up the mess. you see, i had two stomach viruses when i was pregnant and one of them landed me in the hospital. since then, i have had a tremendous amount of anxiety revolving around stomach issues. if my stomach starts hurting the tiniest bit i think i'm getting sick, i get all nervous, sweaty, and my heart pounds. i cry and act ridiculous, it really is something that i wish i could overcome. sound ridiculous? it is. but it's the truth. the tactic i used this past weekend was prayer, and just to remember what Christ went through for us. my anxiety in comparison to his torture, is not comparable.

saturday morning when my tired, over-worked husband arrived home from work he threw up. then he threw up another time. he slept off and on all day and i barely saw him. pray and pray hard i did! amazingly, i felt God tell me that i would not fall ill so that i could take care of my family. someone had to do the mountains of laundry! unfortunately, i do have a cold or sinus thing or something so i'm all snotty, have a slight headache etc. it's awesome.

sunday i sit and feel sorry for myself. {wow, sorry this post is so depressing!} i cry because i miss our moms. or someone that can just jet right over and help us out when we're all feeling under the weather. i was reminded of my wedding day when isaac had his first kidney stone attack, didn't know what it was, and was rushed to the ER in an ambulance. the wedding went on, but it was definitely not as i had planned, it was the opposite. we felt terrible, didn't have any fun, and left in a rush to get isaac into bed. i was robbed of my special day by a tiny little calcium stone that didn't make it's appearance until the last day of our honeymoon when isaac finally passed it.

monday i kept jonah home from daycare to make sure he was over the virus. he seemed to be improving and played all day like normal. isaac went to the dr. because he still didn't feel well. the dr. told him he had bronchitis, and put him on antibiotics. when i went to pick up his prescription i bought two cans of oust and did the oust dance through my entire house. i had already lysoled every possible surface but i just felt like the air needed to be sanitized. i hope that oust stuff does what it says because if it does my house is prepped for an O.R. now.

this morning, as i sit in this hospital waiting room while my poor husband has 3 of the 7 kidney stones he currently has removed, i can't help but feel bad for us. isaac got sick in the pre-op room, i cried because i can't imagine him being taken away from me. i'm a wreck sometimes. but, right now, i feel this overwhelmingly faith to our great God. i know my life is in His hands and i trust Him more than anything or anyone. the Bible tells us there is a season for everything. as i look around and see some that are in much worse situations than i am- an elderly woman wheeled out to surgery, her family walking to the waiting room possibly wondering if she will make it through the surgery, a very old man wheeled out to the waiting room next to me with an IV already in his thin, see through skin waiting to go to pre-op- i am reminded by our Heavenly Father that this is not the worst thing that could happen to me. i am grateful to God for what He has given me, and for my family, friends, and good health. please keep us in your prayers, as isaac recovers and i muster up the energy to take care of him and a toddler. please pray that jonah is over his virus so that i can focus on isaac's recovery. thank you for the thoughts and prayers. i know better days are coming!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been very neglectful..... my 8 blog followers. Haha! Ok, so I haven't updated this blog in WAY TOO LONG and I feel like such a slacker for it. The truth is my friends, I just have more important things to do sometimes. {GASP}. What did she say? More important things to do than to sit for two hours and BLOG!!! Ha. Yes, I do have a family, a full time job, THE BACHELOR, etc. etc. Anyway, for this, I apologize. The problem is, I have to much to say so this post will end up being super long (aka pack a lunch and drink some caffeine NOW then come back to your computer to read).

Ok, all joking aside here goes.....

Things between my husband and I are amazingly incredible. I CANNOT even begin to fathom God's infinite faith in us and in our marriage. A few months ago, I knew 110% that I would not be in the place I am right now, but He had other plans. Thank you my Jesus for saving our marriage and changing our hearts in a way that I thought was hopeless. Remember everyone, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD and He promises us this! How amazing is that? It makes my heart smile thinking about how incredible God is and the great work he's done in our lives!

Jonah is developing into such a little person now. He becomes less like a baby and more like a toddler with each passing day. He's 18 months old now, which is absolutely crazy to me!!! I will be planning another birthday party in just a few short months for our little monkey! He's doing great at "school" and all the teachers love him. His attitude is getting bigger every day as well, it's actually more like that of a 14 year old girl who just lost her cell phone and ipod, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. Yea, it's that bad. He's so defiant and independent, I'm wondering if he's starting his terrible two's early? Changing his diaper takes an act of congress and you better hope he doesn't have something that you need back (cell phone, remote, etc). I'm glad he can defend himself and that he stands up for the things he feels is important to him, but I hope we find a healthy balance before he reaches the age of 18. He also has an extremely sweet side, he knows how to give hugs and blow kisses. He hugs Walker ALL THE TIME and wants to see him right before bed and when he wakes up. It's really cute! He is also smitten with his daddy. Sometimes it seems like he just wants to crawl into Isaac's hand and stay there forever. They definitely have a special bond. Jonah also has the cutest sense of humor and a very playful side that is rarely seen by strangers. He has this goofy little smile he's been doing lately, and he does it so randomly. It's flippin adorable! He also thinks he knows how to jump and it's so hilarious to see how excited he gets when he is jumping up and down at your direction. Another thing he does is slaps himself in the head when you tell him not to hit himself. It's pretty funny! He's my silly monkey boy and it's so fun watching him develop! He makes a lot more noise now, always yelling or jibber jabbering. He loves to sing and dance and he's starting to get more interested in TV. He likes watching King of Queens (seriously), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Imagination Movers. He runs instead of walks and is always on the go. Having a toddler is so much fun!

As for me, I am doing great! Work has been busy lately and there have been some changes so it's challenging at times, but I still really enjoy it. I am still doing photography on the side some and have BIG plans for 2010 and the way I want my business to look by the end of this year. I have plans to start a non-profit called Coats of His Love where we collect coats for the homeless and needy families. This is something that God has weighed heavily on my heart every since He first gave me the idea when I saw a lady walking in the cold with no coat on. It's something I have shared with only a few people, so now I'm telling you ALL! Please please please, if you have gently used coats that you're not using, please let me know! You can email me at I am enjoying life and just trying to keep God at the forefront of my mind daily. It's very challenging, but I'm a work in progress.

Isaac is doing ok, he's so busy with work and school and is just not happy right now with the amount of time that he doesn't get to spend with his family. He works 12-14 hrs a night and goes in to work right before Jonah and I get home from work/school. We are lucky to get a few minutes with him before we leave in the mornings so the weekends are really our only time together. Frankly, it sucks and we're so sick of it. Isaac's supervisor asked him if he was interested in the day shift and of course, he said yes, but there hasn't been any more talk of it. I also gave his resume to a manager in our sister department at my work, so we'll see if something comes of that. Please pray for us, that God will provide a day job for Isaac so that we can spend the time together that we need to continue healing our marriage. Isaac also has 7 kidney stones still and is in a lot of pain daily. He is planning on having surgery in the next few weeks where the Dr. will go through his ahem um man part, and go all the way into his right kidney to remove the stones in that kidney b/c they're the biggest. Isaac is actually looking forward to this procedure and is hoping the pain will subside afterward. We're concerned though that the cause of his pain is from something else because of the nature and intensity of the pain. Please pray for Isaac during this time, he needs it.

We have plans that after the surgery we're going to go to FL to visit my Aunt and Uncle at my Grandad's house. We're looking forward to it and I can't wait to see the ocean again and spend some time with family! We are also planning a trip to Sugar Mountain to go snowboarding and snow tubing! We're going to see if Isaac's Mom can come stay with Jonah for the weekend so we can go alone. If it happens, I'll be sooooo excited about it!!! Big plans for the Justus family my friends!

Ok, I think that's about it for now. I was planning on adding pictures individually, but it's almost 8am and I've been working on this post for an hour and a half now. I've gotta get ready for the day so I'm going to be lazy! Here's links to my Facebook albums of the most recent photos! Happy Saturday All! Enjoy the sunshine God gave us for the weekend, we sure are!

From my album for my online photography class:

Mini Shoot w/Amber:

Jonah- 17 Months:

Mac Photo Booth {hilarious!}:

Trip to TN for Isaac's Mamaw's Funeral:

Play date with Cooper:

I seriously think there's more that I haven't posted on here! Geez I need to get on the ball people! To see me more often friend request me on facebook!